Buying Vs Renting Excavator Equipment

renting excavatorAs an excavation contractor, you ultimately have to decide between buying and renting excavator equipment. Of course, we have a bias towards renting given that we rent out excavation equipment, such as breakers and ho packs. Nevertheless, we will point out the pros and cons of each.

To Buy or Rent Excavator Equipment?

Assess Your Financial Situation

Is buying cheaper than renting in the long-run? Sometimes, but not always. Many factors come into play, such as how many projects you have lined up, and your ability to consistently pay for maintenance.

Renting definitely makes more sense for a short-term or one-off job. If you foresee consistent projects ahead, then buying may be more cost-effective in the long-run. However, you also have to consider ownership costs, such as maintenance, repairs, insurance, license fees, etc. The rental company bears the burden of these costs when you rent. Continue Reading '

What to Look for in an Excavator Rental

excavator rentals monroe everett snohomishExcavators are one of the most common pieces of heavy equipment found on a construction site. They are popular because they can be used for multiple purposes, such as digging trenches and moving large objects. This versatility makes them an essential part of just about any major construction project. Since they are such an important part of a construction site, contractors are often interested in excavator rentals for their business.

Difference Between an Excavator and a Power Shovel

An excavator consists of a boom, a dipper and a bucket. It also has a cab that is mounted on a rotating platform that is called the house. This part of the excavator is mounted on an undercarriage that has either tracks or wheels.

These pieces of equipment can also be referred to as power or steam shovels. They are a more advanced version of the steam shovels that were once commonly found on construction sites. Continue Reading '